Color Green Films is the team that brought you the movie RAGAMUFFIN, based on the life Rich Mullins. We are a band of misfits that simply believe that we are loved by God and seek to express that through who we are: visual storytellers.


David Leo Schultz is the producer of five feature films, three of which as director. His last film “Ragamuffin,” based on the life of Rich Mullins, was distributed by Millenium Entertainment. He’s also an actor, writer, and vagabond evangelist. When founding Color Green Films, David hoped to not only make honest and moving films, but also that people would actually experience and know God’s furious love.


J.B. Waggoner is a producer, editor, and visual content creator. His work includes two feature films (most recently the movie “Brennan”), two documentaries, and hundreds of short-form videos and commercials for local and international businesses, non-profits, and brands. With Color Green Films, J.B. has also helped create and manage a nationwide movie tour, Ragamuffin Retreats, merchandising, and social media.