Previously published Blog – Celebrating my Failure of NOT being on SNL

Hey my friends,   David Leo Schultz – here. I’m going to make this site the main site for my future blogging. That being said – there are some past articles or blogs that I have done that I think you might enjoy. So I am posting them here as well:   Here is one...

“Lifestyle” Christianity (Weekly Confessions #17)

If you are wanting to fit into a “Lifestyle Christianity”… please stop.

Power Beyond the Pulpit [BOOK]

Brennan & Ragamuffin Producer J.B. Waggoner has created a brand new resource for Pastor’s and Ministry leaders to guide you through using platforms to share the Gospel. Social Media, Self-Publishing, Newsletters, Video Channels, Blogs, and Podcasts. And if you buy a paperback copy by May 12th, 2016 you can get a digital copy for free....

“Uh Oh” Christianity (Weekly Confessions #16)

In the church, we’ve created an “uh-oh” Christianity (revealing small sins to sound humble), but judge each other when they commit “OH NO!” mistakes. STOP IT.

What’s Your Story so far for 2016? (Weekly Confessions #15)

We are a third of the way done with 2016. How are you doing? How is your story playing out?

What are you Waiting For? (Weekly Confessions #14)

Stop waiting. Jesus longs for you to accept his love, and people around you need to experience it.

No More “Popular Jesus” (Weekly Confessions #13)

“Popular Jesus” rides in a black humvee away from the crowds so he can preach another event. “Personal Jesus” reaches through the crowd to touch a woman in need. That’s my God.

Weekly Confessions #12: Stop Saying “Because God Said So”

We need to complete eradicate this phrase from our lives, one that is keeping us in the bondage of religion rather than the joy of a relationship with Jesus: Because God Said So.

Power, Love, and Discipline (Weekly Confessions #10)

Following Jesus isn’t easy because He really likes to get into our stuff. And at some point we have to decide to come with him alone, yet free, on the way to life..

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