"As a storm approaches the gulf coast, an alcoholic ex-priest Brennan Manning must rely on a troubled ragamuffin to get home to New Orleans to save his marriage before it’s too late." The heart behind this film is to share this simple message through an honest story: God not only loves you, but he genuinely likes you. Inspired by the work and life of author Brennan Manning, the hope is that we could make a movie for people to feel God’s love and grace right where they are. But that love goes beyond the story to how it was also made. Every penny of this film was donated through private gifts and a GoFundMe campaign, that is still ongoing as we work to finish post-production, continue our grassroots campaign efforts, and seek to deliver this film across the world. This independent film was made on a super low-budget, and much of the time and energy was also given in love by a few loyal visionaries, a talented crew and artists, and lots of helping hands. We are still looking for people to support this film as we work to get Brennan into theaters and churches/venues across the world.
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