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We also need your help in other ways too. Join the Ragamuffins Street Team to get be a part of the frontline promoting Brennan, get updates on production, and learn of ways you can help and pray for us.

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The Background Story

Hello, I’m David & I’m a Ragamuffin. As I begin to do an entry here to describe to you what “Ragamuffin Retreats” will be and what our hopes are for this experience, I can’t help but to be overwhelmed with gratitude. So let me begin with thankfulness. Because out of our gratitude comes another stepping out on faith called, “Ragamuffin Retreats.” The past four years of my life have been a roller coaster mixed with both adventure and God’s love. The honor to have been able to make a movie about my one of my hero’s in the faith Rich Mullins, and to be in the process of making a movie about another hero, Brennan Manning is a sheer delight. To put it simply it’s been a blast. Recently I was being interviewed for an article someone was doing on the movie “Ragamuffin” and they said in one sentence describe what your favorite part of making the movie was. And I said, “My friendship with Dave Mullins.” Dave has gone from stranger, to friend, to a person that I admittedly look up to and admire. Dave Mullins is the real deal. He loves Jesus, is steadfast in his faith, and has an almost laser pointed wisdom- that goes un-parralled to anyone I’ve ever met before. Simply put, I think one of the reasons God allowed me to make the movie, was to allow me to learn from a guy like Dave. Making the movie was an incredible adventure, and our dream has come true—not because a movie was made, but because we never wanted it to just “be a movie” but a vehicle for the message of God’s grace and love to shine through.

And my friends, if you happen to be reading this, I wish you could see the delight in my face–it’s happening. We are astounded. Story after story has been tumbling in hearing of people saved, lives transformed, relationships with family members mended, and brokenness healed. It’s all Jesus. Not us. But we are thankful to get a front row seat to the stories.

When I was growing up my home life wasn’t great, matter of fact it wasn’t even good. But God doesn’t promise us good, or great, he gives us HIM, and he is the good, and the great, no matter how bad things get. Well, when I was growing up things were bad. Home wasn’t a place of grace & love, but of fear and pain. There was still beauty and glimmers of hope in the midst of growing up, my cousins, my grandma, ice cream, & camp.


There was something so special about camp. Jesus saved me when I was seven years old at camp. My parents weren’t Christian, so camp became this place where I could actually learn about God, and was also a safe harbor for me. It’s super cheesy and nerdy, that I am about to reveal this, but I used to be so excited about camp that I would pack literally after Christmas every year. I’d lay out my little suitcase, and start making my list. Nerdy I know, but all these years later I get why I was so excited. I never knew what a Christian Community was or could be in my home, and to actually have people communicate the gospel of Jesus in a tangible way was unheard of for me growing up.

I remember one year in particular. I was 13. I remember making a decision to give Jesus my life. I was on such a church camp high. (side note: remember rich mullins rant on camps…”keep doing it. Keep going back and making those decisions…every year…because by the time your my age you’ll realize you need to do it multiple times per day”- Rich Mullins)…The day that camp ended I remember my cousin picked me up, and in her car a tape was playing (remember tapes)…and it was a song called “The Color Green”…and I said, “Who’s this?” and she said “Rich Mullins”. My cousin and I joked about doing a Christian Drama Team, called The Color Green. The joke stuck. I did this through jr. high, high school, and college. Eventually this turned into me doing some variation of comedy & speaking.

In college I was given a copy of “The Ragamuffin Gospel” By Brennan Manning (actually given a copy from Mike Koch –who played Rich Mullins in the movie), and it changed my world upside down. At that time in my life, the religious circles I was in, and was used to –It wasn’t popular to be authentic about your sin & struggles, and if you were- you were treated with judgment, legalism, and hate. As I’ve learned grace is a mixture of both compassion & truth. But I wasn’t getting really either, just hate. The music & life of Rich Mullins & books of Brennan Manning taught be not to hide my sin, take off the mask, and let God’s love in, and not to use God’s love as a license to sin, but to respond to his love with surrender.

This was a game-changer for me.

 A New Way

Throughout all of my years of doing the ministry “The Color Green” I would often wonder if there could ever be a type of camp or retreat where people wouldn’t be afraid to be themselves, to be honest about their sin, brokenness, shame, that they too are merely ” a beggar at the door of God’s mercy.” We saw so many lives transformed and effected by the message of God’s love, and we never failed to hear of stories of fellow ragamuffins who were hiding in the shadows because they thought their sin was to great, and they could never take off their mask for fear that nobody would love them. That’s what always struck me as special about a camp or a retreat. There’s something great, about just “getting away” that provides the space for God to work. Not that God can’t work anywhere, but doing by doing a retreat, we are the ones who are making time to listen to God, to hear what he has to say. There’s an openness that often happens when people get away that they don’t find in their normal routine of life. Even within a church group that would come to these. They experience such life change at these, even though its still within a group that they see day in and day out. A retreat is good both for the individual and the group.

In 2005 I founded Color Green Films, and Jan 9th, 2014 we premiered “Ragamuffin” at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas to a sold out crowd of 1,300 people. We didn’t know if anyone would show up. At first thought we would do one screening. Well, one turned into two, and two turned into ten, and eventually we grew to 204 screenings between Jan & May.

The best part of this year has hands down been Jesus changing lives. We’ve seen people saved at Jail Screenings, received countless emails and messages about being delivered from Religion to an authentic relationship with Jesus, and heard amazing stories of reconciliation, to simple notes saying “I’ve experienced the Love of God for the first time.”

The movie, for many, has begun a conversation about “The Love of God.” We just want to continue the conversation via “Ragamuffin Retreats.” Much like we went out on faith to have screenings for the movie, we want to do the same with the retreats. We want to offer the opportunity to provide a retreat experience to grow in their faith, & be inspired to live in reckless abandonment in response to God’s love in the ways he’s created you to be.

Some Things To Expect at Ragamuffin Retreats

We will have teaching & speaking on the love of God, a life lived in response to the love of God in reckless abandonment, and touching on various themes of the movie. I will be joining some cool speakers and teachers in this. (I am beyond excited. Speakers/Teachers to be announced at a later date).

We will have a new artist Matt Liechty as one of our folks leading worship along with Mitch Mcvicker (who both will be & is on the Album being released in july, along with Jars of Clay, Derek Webb, Andrew Peterson & others…)

But we at Color Green Films are very passionate about the arts and the impact they have had on us and can have on others. They are a great tool. We will be offering different tracks through the weekend where we will offer potential workshops, like filmmaking, acting, music & art. Jesus was a storyteller. We are too, because we all have a story.

But this retreat isn’t only for artists, it’s also for those that want to just dive in, and “retreat” away to grow in their faith. Fellow Ragamuffins will remember that Brennan Manning would often lead “silent retreats” and do more intensive spiritual retreats. We will also offer this track as well.

But for those ragamuffins that truly are in a season of being “burnt out and bedraggled” we will offer a “rest track” for you. Some come, listen, learn, play, & rest.

We don’t want this to be a come & listen event…but to come & experience event. Learning more about the love of God, and living our lives in response to God’s great love, but also being inspired by each other in a unique ragamuffin experience.

We also have several other things we are working on like hearing and experiencing each others stories, and encouraging others to do the same. We are visual storytellers and passionate about wanting others to come to know Jesus and inspire others to live a life of response to God’s great love.

Yes, we are working on having some cool speakers & artists at these retreats, but we hope that you come not to be a fan, but because you want a chance to get away, to learn and grow in your faith, to experience something different, unique, and be inspired by other ragamuffins who are also learning to let the awesome wonderful love of God wreak havoc in their lives.

Ragamuffins Welcome

So no matter who you are, where you are from, where you are at we want you to come, come and hear about the love of God in a unique experience called “Ragamuffin Retreats.” Ragamuffins welcome.

You will get an opportunity to hear about the making of “Ragamuffin” from the filmmakers, and get to hear about their next movies in development “Brennan” (about the life of Brennan Manning) and “Room of Marvels” (based on James Bryan Smith’s book).

While, yes we want all ragamuffins to come, and we know that includes this wonderful culture of people who’s lives have been effected greatly by the ministry of both Rich Mullins & Brennan Manning. While we recognize that our lives, work, and ministry have also been greatly effected by Rich & Brennan. This won’t be a retreat set up to worship or lift these men up, but to be about …what they were about …which was Jesus & God’s love.

Also while we recognize, and open our arms open wide to those that don’t normally feel comfortable to walk into the doors of a church, we aren’t trying to be a ministry to replace the local church. Rich Mullins once said, “The church is not a man made invention, it’s a God made invention.” Matter of fact we will and want to encourage anyone and everyone to get plugged into a bible believing, Jesus loving church. On the flip side, people are at where they are at, and want them to feel welcome to come “as they are, not as they should be” and hear the good news of Jesus, and experience His love, grace, & compassion.

Other pertinent info:

There will be limited space available. So if you want in on this please sign up soon. Our subscribers at Colorgreenfilms.com/ragamuffinretreats will get advanced notice when & where to buy tickets.

If you are a church group, or group of any kind we will be offering a discounted price. Please Email retreats@colorgreenfilms.com for info or questions. Although info should be available when tickets go on sale.

We will be announcing speakers, artists, & musicians at a later date (after tickets go on sale).

There will be three cities we do this in over the course of the fall. (One in sept. One in oct. & one in Nov.)

If you think you are coming and want to help us spread the word, get your church involved, write us at: retreats@colorgreenfilms.com and we will let you know how you can help.

**We will have a video promo in the next few weeks that you can help pass around to get the word out

In other words:

All this to say. Our lives have been greatly impacted by the Love of God, and we have a huge heart for ragamuffins (beggars at the door of God’s mercy) and we want to create a unique experience, a safe place, to retreat away to learn more about Jesus, about God’s love, and be inspired that with the reality that we all have a story, and that God is at work within our story. We all have a story to tell.  A ravenous love story. Because as Brennan Manning has said “God loves you as you are, not as you should be, because none of us are as we should be”

be God’s,

David Leo Schultz

Speaker, Storyteller & Director of “Ragamuffin”


Hello fellow Ragamuffins!

First,  thank you for the time to read this and potentially support a hosting of the movie, “RAGAMUFFIN.” Just to keep you up to date on a few details. One, the WORLD PREMIERE is set. January 9th 2014, in Wichita Kansas. If you would like to join the me & the Ragamuffin Movie Team watch the movie and celebrate. We’d love to have you. You can purchase your tickets here: http://www.itickets.com/events/314057

Secondly, many are wondering about long term distribution plans (Theatrical, DVD, CABLE, INTERNET, ETC…). We are currently talking, and in negotiations with some companies for the different areas of distribution. As soon as we get all the details finalized we will post them on FACEBOOK & TWITTER. And we will need all the help we can get to get the word out.

In the meantime, we are planning a “RAGAMUFFIN MOVIE TOUR”. Right after the premiere date in January we will be hitting the road for 2-3 months, going from City to City to SCREEN THE MOVIE. And we could USE YOUR HELP!

We need VENUES! We are trying to pull off the impossible. We are trying to do this tour with NO UPFRONT MONEY or ADVERTISING DOLLARS. Yikes! Here’s the type of Venues we are looking for:

A. Churches- that seat 500-1000+ (They need to have a LARGE CENTER SCREEN, with HD PROJECTION)

B. Movie Theatres

C. Venues- College campuses, community theatres etc…(they must have great movie theatre style screen, & projection)

*Why are we sticklers when it comes to high quality projection? Well, if we are going to charge ticket prices we want everyone to get their $ worth.

Here’s the deal:

A) If you are the decision maker at one of these places, and are interested to HOST the screening, please contact us asap. Email us at: ragamuffinmovie@gmail.com

B) If you go to a church or know of a venue that would work…DO US A BIG FAVOR…Please talk to the DECISION MAKERS at your Church or the local venue FIRST. They may not want to do something like that, so make sure to see if they are interested FIRST. If they are please CONNECT US AT: RAGAMUFFINMOVIE@GMAIL.COM

How much does it cost?

A) It will be $10+ a ticket, which will be paid through ITICKETS.COM

B) Churches/Organizations, will have the option to buy out the event on the tour

C) Once the event is booked/scheduled details will be worked out regarding donated tickets for ministry purposes, and event/church will have option to sell tickets at their venue in advance.

D) If event is sold out ahead of time, there will be potentially options to add an additional screening


We are trying to plan the tour and get the INITIAL dates nailed down quickly. This way we can start spreading the word. Additional tour dates can be added after the initial tour has LAUNCHED. So do us a very big favor, help us PLAN THE MOVIE TOUR, BRING US TO YOUR CHURCH, OR LOCAL VENUE, and help us get out this wonderful story about RICH MULLINS, which we believe is a wonderful story about “the reckless raging fury that they call the love of God.”

Be God’s,

David Schultz



Hey Friends and supporters of the soon to be movie…

Thank you for all your patience and support. From the bottom of our hearts thank you.

So we are coming to Atlanta to shoot some of our film. We are also going to be in other states as well. Soon we will post the ‘RICH MULLINS MOVIE TOUR DATES’…that’s right…we will be going on the road and shooting different scenes at different churches…details to come…maybe you can join us and be in the crowd…

For now we have different needs/locations we are trying to find in or around the ATLANTA, GA area. So we are going to throw out a list. Maybe you don’t live in GA, but know someone who could help …family…friends…or maybe you have a location or need you could help with?

If you can help or know someone who can have them contact our team at: david@richmullinsthemovie.com

Here’s our list:

1. Radio Station: An older looking radio station that would have the feel of the mid 90’s

2. Recording Studio: Nothing new, or modern, but maybe an older one, or even just a building that would have the appearances of a recording studio, with offices, conference room, mixing room etc…

3. Gas Station.- A privately owned or mom and pop type place.

4. Motels- 2-3: We need the old school motels, privately owned or not a big chain…a place where we could rent several rooms and have the permission to shoot interiors and exteriors.

5.Lodging: We are looking for a university dorm type situation were we can have 2 rooms from July 5-7, and 10 rooms from July 8-20…

6. Vehicles: We need 1980s-1990’s JEEP Wrangler-Green for us to buy, An RV for us to rent/buy, a 15 passenger van for us to rent/buy

7. Small Town Movie Theatre. Inside to be able to use the Markee and inside the theatre.

8. Class room (maybe at the university where we stay:-) we’d like to shoot a scene there..

9. Offices? We need a place to office from June 20-July 27…for wrapping up casting, and other misc. fun stuff…any ideas friends? your church or organization?

10. FARM HOUSE. Okay this is one of the big ones, and a bit complex. So we need one location that fits multiple needs. We need to shoot here 2-3 days. We need it to have a Barn, nice open fields, we need to be able to shoot in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, porch, out in the field, it would be even an added bonus if there were older tractors there:-) We would need the permission to dress up the place period style. So wither were looking for a really cool family to let us take over their place for a few days OR maybe someone selling an empty property that has a vacant house etc…

11. OKAY, now this is a bit complex. Seperate from the farm house. We are going to need 3-4 houses that we can shoot different scenes in Rich’s life. His house, or friends houses etc…So we need

-A two story house, with a living room, kitchen (70’s looking perferable), porch, basement, sparse looking attic or room…

-A two story house(90’s)-with a few emptyish rooms upstairs, one we can sort of turn into a nursery, and an empty room, a living room, a bedroom (or empty room we can turn into a bedroom), porch, driveway

-Another house-90’s-living room, porch, emptyish room…

So basically can we come take over your houses? we will pay you:-) or maybe you are a real estate agent that can come let us rent your vacant homes that fit this period movie we are trying to do…


Either way, we would love you to put the word out to Atlanta folks …we’d love your help…

if you can email me at: david@richmullinsthemovie.com


much thanks,


David Schultz

email us at: david@richmullinsthemovie.com if you can help.

Well, we are still in pursuit of WHO will play Rich Mullins. We are actively pursuing both known, and unknown talent. We do have some possibilities, but we want to find the perfect fit.  So we’d like to open the door up a little further. If you or anyone you might know, might like to audition for the Rich Mullins movie here’s what you got to do:

1) Prepare: Watch Rich Mullins clips on line, listen to his music, etc.

2) Play 1 (yes, only one) song, and give us about one or two minutes of a” Rich Mullins talk”. As you may or may not know, Rich would often talk between songs. Many of his fans, were as drawn to his words as they were to his lyrics and music.

Tip: There are plenty of Rich Mullins Youtube clips on line of him in concert where he plays and “talks”. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNYtYRbH6aI

3) Put yourself on tape. Tape yourself, don’t worry about it being super high quality, it’s just an audition tape. Upload it to the Internet and email us a link, with all of your contact info and basic information: (email/phone/name/height/age etc) Also inlcude what instruments you play if any.

4) Email us a link to your audition tape. Yep, email us a link to your audition tape. And if it’s a small enough file you may be able to email it.  How should we know, we make movies not computers? email us at: audition@richmullinsthemovie.com

5) When will I know? If we contact you, we will most likely have you go to the next stage of auditioning. We will give you the pertinent details at that time. We are planning on Shooting in the Summer, so if you have any possible conflicts, let us know. Please don’t be disheartened if we don’t contact you. We, and all of the fans and supporters of Rich Mullins and the movie, what it to be the best that it can possibly be. And this is not a reflection of your talent. You may be a great actor and/or musician, but just not be right for the role of Rich Mullins.

6) What about other roles in the movie? We will be holding additional auditions, conducted more the traditional route. Keep following on Facebook/Twitter to find out. Also, for you men auditioning for Rich Mullins, while you might not fit the role of Rich, you may be right for something else, and even though we aren’t releasing the script/sides for other roles, we may find you to be a right fit for something else. So if you have any desire to act in the film, I would encourage you to do this.

email us your audition at: audition@richmullinsthemovie.com


Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters, we appreciate all of you so much.

Keep us in your prayers, that we continue to trust in Jesus, and keep focused on Him.


David Schultz



So I know we are approaching Christmas and everybody is super busy, but I wanted to put a little bug in your ear before the new year.

Starting January we will be hitting the pavement, and working hard to get ready to shoot June 1st.

Yes, we are still looking for financing, and the latest update is there are both individuals and companies we are in talks with to do that, but we have faith that we will get the rest that is needed.

That being said we are going to NEED lots of HELP!

We aren’t sure where we will be shooting yet, but WHERE we shoot might be partially up to you. We know that apart of our shooting will take us all over the country, but as with most movies, the majority of our film will be shot in one state. The states we might shoot in are: Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois.

If you live in any of those states (OR OTHERS), especially if you fit the criteria. Please email us at the appropriate email address below.


Some of the major needs we will have our as follows.

1) Locations: Churches, Old/New, and everything in between. Radio Station, Farm Houses, Corn Fields, etc…More locations will come with specific criteria in the new year…but if you have something in general that might fit….please attach pics of the exteriors and interiors and .EMAIL US AT: locations@richmullinsthemovie.com

2) Extras: We will have a lot of concert style scenes, and general scenes where we will need a ton. This actually may be the hardest. Even though we have heard from many of you how you would like to be an extra in the movie. Committing to doing this can be difficult. It will be likely that there will be ONE WEEK, where we will do the MAJORITY of our crowd scenes where we need extras. So whether its one person, a few people, or a church that will commit to coming out and being extras we will sure need it….EMAIL US AT: extras@richmullinsthemovie.com

3) Crew: Because we have lowered our budget we will need volunteers, and crew members that are willing to work for less than they deserve. We don’t know how much we can pay as of right now, but what we are looking for right now, is people that feel passionate about being apart of this movie that are willing to volunteer and or work for cheap because they either want to be apart or feel called. If you do contact us, please specify what you desire to do and if you feel skilled/qualified for a certain position. If you have a resume please attach to the email….EMAIL US AT: crew@richmullinsthemovie.com

4)Equipment: So we have some of this already provided or at a discounted price. But we are planning on shooting on the Red Cameras, using a variety of Epics, Red 1, Scarlet etc…we will also need a large multi-ton g/e truck, generator, jibs, cranes, dollys, helicopter shots…if you don’t know what some of this stuff is…you’re probably not who we are looking for. If you do and feel called to help, or give us a special discount….well, we sure could use it….EMAIL US AT; equipment@richmullinsthemovie.com

5) Props/Picture Cars: Since our movie covers different periods of time, we will need a mixture of picture cars (cars used in movies) and a variety of props (list to come months later), that might be very specialized and hard to track down. You might have one of these nifty items, and let us have, rent, or purchase from you….For those that fit into this category keep an eye out for our updates in the new year…EMAIL US AT: props@richmullinsthemovie.com

6) ACTORS: Many of you want to act: we will be looking for the best of the best, but maybe you are it.

7) DONATIONS: Many of you have contacted us about donating or have other questions regarding financing. If this is you EMAIL US AT: donations@richmullinsthemovie.com


You may not hear from us right away, please include your contact info, all the necessary details needed.

Lastly, we can’t thank you enough for your support and prayers. We hope you are excited as we are for this movie.


David Schultz

To my dear Ragamuffin friends, and supporters of the movie about Rich Mullins-

I not only wanted to give you an update, but felt like it was owed. Thank you for the support, prayers, and encouragement. Some of you reading this have been apart of this journey for about a year, for some of you- you are just now discovering that we are making a movie about Rich Mullins…either way we are in your debt for your support. Some of you have gone above and beyond and donated funds towards the making of this project, even though we aren’t able to do “incentives” like we were hoping with Kickstarter. There are many of you, but a special thank you to Bobby Shaw, who is one of the donators and supporters who believed in us- and a part of why we are still trucking along and making this movie. But there have been many who not only have offered financial gifts, but also have been dedicated to prayer and seeing this movie happen- even offering your talents to work for free to see this movie come to fruition.

I’d like to take some time to tell you a little bit about the journey of how we got here, and where we are going. For me it started when my cousin picked me up from Summer Camp many years ago and put in a tape of Rich Mullins. I was hooked. I even labeled a comedy-acting troupe, by the title of one of his songs “The Color Green.” And even now my production company is called “Color Green Films.”

My freshman year of college I was handed a copy of “The Ragamuffin Gospel.” I read it cover to cover in a few days time, and I will forever be grateful, not just because of Brennan Mannings eloquent way of riffing on the love of God, but because in the years to come I would be riddled with sin, guilt, and failure that I never would have known how much I would come to need to hear the simple gospel truth of Jesus’ love that lives in breathes so much in the pages of that book.

Through the ups and downs of my own rag tag journey that has taken me from traveling around the country in a green van with 4 other ragamuffins preaching the gospel, to living the struggling actors life with intentions of being a missionary in Hollywood- and at times failing miserably. Riddled with my own sin, selfishness, and drowning in the depressive poverty of my own soul- Jesus still small voice would breathe life into me often using the words, lyrics, poetry, and lives of both Brennan Manning and Rich Mullins to awake my broken heart.

Even now, both through the care and love of my wife, my local church, elders,  friends, ragamuffins, and making the movie about Rich Mullins Jesus is drawing my heart more and more to Him. It’s a process. I’m grateful that Jesus loves ragamuffins and grace perverts like myself, and doesn’t give up on those whose “cheese is falling off their cracker.”

Over a year and half ago, I sat in a mexican restaurant with David Mullins, explaining my heart about why I wanted to make a movie about his brother. He asked me why I wanted to and I said, “I didn’t know Rich. I have only been an audience member to his life and Jesus has changed me through his story, I just want to give other people the same opportunity.” That’s it. No big secret. A simple conversation, that led way to where we are today. Side note- my life has now been greatly affected by two Mullins’. Rich and Dave. Dave Mullins has a wisdom that is beyond me. Truly having an older godly man in my life has been a treasure that I didn’t know I needed as much as I realize it now.

Anyway. A year and a few weeks ago, a select few of us began to meet with Rich’s family, friends, and fellow artists. I can’t even describe how great its been. We spent two days with Rich’s family, and it was so amazing. For me it echoed back to the importance Rich would always talk about in “roots.” And seeing the love and loyalty among them challenged my own sensibilities of family. I loved it. Next we drove from Indiana to New Jersey to spend time with Brennan Manning. As many of you know now, by his recent book “All is grace” and by our teaser trailer- his health has greatly declined. But still- when that old ragamuffin began talking about the ragamuffin gospel his spirit lit up and declared with authority the importance of taking to heart the basic principle of our faith: God’s love.

From New Jersey, we traveled to Nashville meeting many of the ragamuffins, and other friends with Rich. Then, our great DP Ryan Bodie, and I flew to Witchita (along with Dave Mullins meeting us there) and we met with Jim Dunning and James Bryan Smith, Eric Hauk, and other awesome artists that Rich used to play with . We walked around the campus of Friends University, and saw the Keeper of the Plains…. The next trip…I’m trying to remember…I believe we went to Cincinnati, meeting with some of Rich’s college friends, in particular Beth Lutz, Kathy Sprinkle, Sam Howard, and Gary Rowe. With every conversation I learned a little bit more of Rich, getting a better sense of him. It seems like a little bit of him lived in all of his friends, family, and fellow ragamuffins.  The time was, is still, and will forever be treasured in my heart. They have personally guided me in understanding Rich, that became fundamental in the script writing process. Sadly, Gary Rowe, has recently passed away. He was a true saint. He was often the saint that Rich would turn to for prayer and guidance.

From there we traveled to Chicago meeting with Michael Aukofer who was such a great guy meeting with us at an absurd hour. He was extremely generous, kind, and helpful in our research.

In late December we traveled to the Window Rock, we saw the hogans Rich and Mitch built and met with the family who Rich stayed with, and interviewed a few who knew him. We got a microscopic look into what Rich saw and had a heart for. We traveled to Atlanta meeting with Mac Powell from Third Day, and Mitch Mcvicker…both who were so generous with their time and sharing their hearts. From there we traveled again to Nashville meeting with other artists, including a late night talk with Jimmy Abegg, who has been so very kind, helpful, and honest. Truly I don’t many would have even opened their hearts and ears if it wasn’t for Jimmy A. Rick Elias, a total saint, set us up at his school where he teaches to let us record interviews for free. From the beginning we not only  realized that this movie doesn’t belong to us, but that we are not alone in making this either.

In California we met with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, both of whom were extremely humble and kind in their words about Rich.  There have been countless others both known, and unknown that had lives whether it was big or small that had an interaction with Rich, and left that interaction never to be the same.

At the end of March we launched a Kickstarter campaign. It failed in a way, and in a way it didn’t. Where it failed is obvious, but where its not is that it connected us with so many of you out there that began to spread the word both in support and prayer.

Yes, originally we wanted to shoot the movie this past summer. That didn’t happen. A month previous to this we hired a screen writer who is terrific. We have a great team behind us. Both with the writers, producers, DP, and many others who’s help has been invaluable.

Truly, the fact that it didn’t work out was and is a blessing. It has allowed us to not rush the script. Which had we made the movie this past summer, would’ve been premature.

We are finally in a place where our team loves the script.

So where to from here?

Well, a couple of things. One, there’s a lot of hub bub about “Christian Movies.” One, I am convinced that Jesus doesn’t need this movie. We sure hope He uses it, but He sure doesn’t need it. Two, I tend to believe that there are no such things as “Christian Movies.” Products can’t be Christian. They can’t follow Jesus. They can’t take communion. They can’t pray. They can’t be baptized…That being said, I believe Rich’s story is one that can communicate the message …that I think the broken, the poor in spirit, the lonely, the hurting, the sinners who know failure more than success, the struggling, those whose “cheese is falling off their cracker” need…”God loves you for who you are, not for who you’re not, because none of us are what we should be.” Rich’s story reflects brokenness, sin, reckless abandonment for God, and God’s “reckless love” for people. We are so excited about this movie. We are so excited about this story. I am nervous. I am nervous that are movie won’t fit in. I wonder if our movie will be too honest for both Christian and Secular communities. But, were honestly not trying to fit in, were just trying to be honest. Also on that note, after being one of the most rampant fans (I know a few of you could give me a run for that title), after doing research for over a year…I will say that there are a million movies you could make about Rich Mullins. Like with many of our lives, there are many stories, but this is the one we are telling. What is that story? Well, I guess you’ll have to wait till the movie comes out:-)

Speaking of….

Here’s where we are at, where you can pray, and where you can help….

Bad news and Good News. As you know Kickstarter didn’t work. Also, more bad news…we have been thinking for a while a certain financing might come through. It didn’t. BUT some good news…through a totally unexpected way SOME financing did come in…it’s not as much as we need, but we are well on our way now…NOW there is light at the end of the tunnel. In faith, and we need your prayers here…in faith we are hoping to shoot JUNE 1st! So please, if you want to, pray in faith with me that God would provide all that is needed by this time, in particular financing. Many of you have asked if we would do another Kickstarter…at this time we aren’t going to. Honestly, when Kickstarter didn’t work…it caused some confusion…like this movie won’t happen. And we don’t want to confuse people again…but you never know…we might. But for now, we are just praying for the right folks or company to come along and make this a reality. A few people are interested, even as I type, so we have great faith that it will happen. We in faith are going ahead as if this will happen. We are beginning to look at different artists and actors to play: Rich Mullins. I’m still at a loss who can pull this off. So please pray. All of your suggestions have been wonderful. What we are thinking is holding a few rounds of auditions in Los Angeles and Nashville. The first round will hopefully be in a month to cast some of the principle actors, including Rich Mullins. The second round will be for all the other parts in the film. This will be your chance for the many that asked to be considered for a part!  No matter who we cast, they will more than likely need to audition to make sure they are right for the part!

We have a feeling we will need a lot of help. Three major things. One, locations- churches, and many others types. Two, we will need EXTRAS. Extras, sounds very easy…but it’s honestly not. It never is. Being an extra is a long day’s work, and getting a commitment from someone to do extra work is hard. Three-crew members…same idea as extras….There are many other things, positions, talents that people have emailed me about. Which because we want the film to be the best that it can be we need to hire the best of the best…and this COULD be you…when the time comes for us to “crew up” as it’s called…than we will be in touch and if your the right person for the job and you are passionate about the project because of Rich Mullins…than that’s a win win…For you and us! I can think of an endless stuff that we will need. This is a pretty massive project we are trying to accomplish for a lower budget film-namely it’s a period piece. Set all the way from the 50’s-90’s…so we will need your help with finding specialized props that are impossible to find…you name it…on an indie film…we will need it…

That being said, the best way, because we are understaffed…is better than emailing your special talent or volunteering position…wait till we ask for it on twitter and facebook…so please follow us at: @richmullinsfilm or on face book: Rich Mullins Film. Just keep a good eye on those pages…and you’ll know when we are casting, looking for extras, props, locations…and you may very well be the person that we call on for help!

Many of you have written, and we have tried our very best to get back with all of you. To those we haven’t…we hope you understand we are trying our very best to make this movie happen and that’s taking our full attention.

So anyway, please pray. Hopefully you can see the heart behind what we are trying to do. Pray for financing, that we can meet our goal of June 1st, that all of the little odds and ends will come together when needed, that Jesus hand would be on us as we do this, that people would come to know Jesus through this film, that Jesus would continue to change us through this film and apart from this film, that we can find the right person to Play Rich Mullins and all the other roles in the film, and that Jesus would guide us in making the right decisions a long the way.

I’ll end this very long post with this. This isn’t a maybe project for me. I will go down swinging on this one. I’m not quiting, and by the grace of Jesus I will never quit trying to make this film. While I don’t believe Jesus needs this film, I am more passionate about making this than I have ever been just about anything. I do think that should Jesus choose, that this film could be a tool that is used to open up the hearts of people who don’t know Jesus, the hearts of sleepy Christians, the hearts who have been shipwrecked by religion, and the hearts who think they too have screwed up too much and find it completely impossible that God would , “more than love them…that he would like them.”

A sincere thanks ragamuffins,

David Schultz

fellow ragamuffin