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A person doesn’t make a movie. People do. Because of God’s grace and the graciousness of others we have been able to make two movies (Ragamuffin, Brennan) , a documentary (Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffin’s Legacy), and a devotional video series (Jesus Loves Ragamuffins).

I am in awe, on a weekly basis it seems, that we still get emails about how God has changed their life through a movie. A movie called, “Ragamuffin.” We have heard of people coming to know Jesus for the first time or much like the prodigal son, returning home after a long time away, and experiencing the relentless tenderness of Abba God. We have heard stories of people planning to commit suicide only to be stopped once they saw the movie on Netflix. We have heard of stories of reconciliation between father and son, mother and father, and husband and wife. We have been told that the movie has encouraged them into a life of sobriety or deepened a commitment to Christ. Maybe some of our favorite stories are the endless miracles of folks that have self proclaimed to grow up in the faith, coming to not just know, but to experience the love of God for the very first time. And by God’s grace, now that the movie “Brennan” about the author, Brennan Manning, the man behind the book The Ragamuffin Gospel , is beginning to be released we are hearing new stories of God doing similar things in the hearts and minds of the broken and lost all around the world. But none of this would have happened without you. Without your encouragement, prayers, and support.

To put it bluntly, if God didn’t stir within fellow ragamuffins to reach out to us and give financially we would not have been able to survive long enough to make Ragamuffin or even make the movie Brennan. God provided time and time again through this world-wide community of ragamuffins. I think they, like us, have been dramatically changed by this simple yet profound message of God’s affection for beggars at the door of His mercy.

We at Color Green Films not only desire to keep making movies and digital short content like devotional short films, but we also are stirred to do hands on ministry specifically through preaching the gospel and cultivating opportunities for fellow Ragamuffins to grow in their relationship with God. Because of this, and receiving advice from a friend who said, “I’d like to give more but I can’t because you’re not a non-profit. If you were I would be able to give more!”

Well, we have heard you and have listened friends. Color Green Films has become a 501c3 and any donations that we receive can now be a tax deduction for yourself.

Ragamuffin & Brennan may be over. They may be out there in the world being viewed and experienced by others to discover God’s love. But, by God’s grace, we’re not finished. We are going to keep going. Through movies and ministry we are going to continue spreading the message of God’s love to those that don’t yet know how much He is crazy about them. And frankly we need your help. So – should you feel led we’d encourage you to give one time or you can schedule regular giving. Give or don’t give. But please keep us in your prayers. Pray with us and for us.

Peace of Christ to you,

David Leo Schultz