Ragamuffin Sunday’s


Why are we preaching the gospel of grace in a bar? Because Jesus came for the sick. Not the healthy. Because people are still curious about God & his love even though they have been beat up & burnt out by the religious Pharisees of religious institutions. We’re not trying to replace the church. We love the church. Jesus started the church. We hope to be a bridge and to love people where they are at. Not where they should be…after all…”none of us are who we should be”….if the church is a hospital for sinners…we’re more of a quick stop clinic…pointing people to Abba’s love.

We don’t condone drunkenness. But we do believe in freedom of liberties when it comes to drinking. We do support unity and peace in the body of Christ even and especially when we disagree. It’s okay where you fall…on drinking. We love you no matter what. As we would hope the same from you.

But still…there is something about a bar…it’s a place where people come- to celebrate, to party, to find sanctuary from the outside world…they can go their to drown their pain or to medicate their aching heart…it’s a place where they can be themselves…

It’s a lot like I wish the church was…and for some this is how their church is…but not for all of us…

This thing called RAGAMUFFIN SUNDAYS…is exactly that…it’s just a time on Sundays to create a space where the broken, lost, hurting…can come to have non-religious conversations about God & His love in a non-religious environment.

Sunday’s. High Dive Bar. Seattle . 5pm

Join me and my friends for a beer, or a coca-cola. Have whatever your conscience will allow…but come – take off your mask – be yourself – your real self- and come and hear how the real God loves the real you.

***for those that have been asking me to come to do this in your city. The answer is YES. Email me at david@colorgreenfilms.com for more info.

– David Leo Schultz